"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." --Tolstoy

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Calming Gratitude

As I was on my way up to see my father yesterday, I found myself getting a bit anxious. It was the first time I was going to see him ... read full story

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The Ice Cream Parlor

It was a hot summer day. The sun was shining brightly and all I could think of was cooling down with a scoop or two of my favorite ice cream. ... read full story

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  • Posted by Tulip
  • Jul 26, 2017
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Welcome, Tourists!

Stopped by McDonalds this morning to grab something to eat before work. I had some soon to expire coupons, so I asked a lady who was waiting in line if she ... read full story

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  • Posted by greenurlifenow
  • Jul 25, 2017
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This Family Saved A Woman From Getting Her Foot Amputated

I am the Director of www.bethelindia.org, in India. Without putting our hands out and asking for money from people, we give clothes, warm blankets, medicine, and educational support to poor ... read full story

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  • Posted by revdass
  • Jul 25, 2017
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How did you practice
Kindness today?

  • Shared by Jolly on Jul 26, 2017

    Gift from my garden ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹☘️☘️🍀🌳🌲🌴🎁
  • Shared by salah_wwe26 on Jul 26, 2017

    im new here i want learn how can i take some things
  • Shared by BlissForgive on Jul 26, 2017

    Let the past go. You did the best you could at the time with the understanding, awareness, and knowledge that you had. Now you are growing and changing, and you will live life differently.
  • Shared by BlissForgive on Jul 26, 2017

    Keep your vibration high. Choose to be with other high-vibrational people and let go of anything that pulls your energy down. Pay attention to how you feel; that is your Inner Guide.
  • Shared by Rajni on Jul 26, 2017

    Ever Wondered Why These Everyday Things Were Made This Way.. http://www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=26740&memberid=856258&ident=DF7E604B,E748906F
  • Shared by LiliAB on Jul 26, 2017

    LOVE is LOVE no matter which way you hope as you swing through life.
  • Shared by littlegirdie on Jul 26, 2017

    The desire is thy prayers; and if thy desire is without ceasing, thy prayer will also be without ceasing. The continuance of your longing is the continuance of your prayer. Saint Augustine
  • Shared by DANCE on Jul 26, 2017

    Preparing lots of treats for my neighbours :-)
  • Shared by anushka2004 on Jul 26, 2017

    I appreciate my school staff who help each one of us
  • Shared by anushka2004 on Jul 26, 2017

    Help out the new co-worker by graciously answering questions, going out of your way to show them things, inviting them to lunch, and even becoming a friend.

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