"Nothing can make our lives, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness." --Tolstoy

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Harping Transitions And Peaceful Doves.

My little harp and I went to the nursing home today. Two of the people I played for were transitioning out of this world. One was alone except for staff ... read full story

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  • Posted by SissyLee
  • May 27, 2017
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Restoring His Childhood Guardian Angel

When my dad was a little child during WWII in Germany, a picture of a guarding angel hung over his bed. He had lost both his parents by the time ... read full story

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  • Posted by alisamom
  • May 27, 2017
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First One To Show Kindness

A shipmate of mine took an interest in my paracord artwork, so I rigged his mug up much the same way I rope African djembe drums. Embellishing objects with decorative ... read full story

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  • Posted by MadronaMan
  • May 26, 2017
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Magic Of Listening

One of my friends was facing hard issues regarding her work. She told me this and asked how she could find the way out of it. I really had nothing ... read full story

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  • Posted by SHAILJASBSS18
  • May 26, 2017
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How did you practice
Kindness today?

  • Shared by Rajni on May 27, 2017

    Reach Your Highest Potential By Following These Rules http://www.ba-bamail.com/content.aspx?emailid=26117&memberid=856258
  • Shared by Mish on May 27, 2017

    Always more to learn, isn't there :)))))
  • Shared by Jolly on May 27, 2017

  • Shared by kjoyw on May 27, 2017

    "Within us is the soul of the whole, the wise silence, the universal beauty, the eternal One." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • Shared by gloriousday on May 27, 2017

    "Why always 'not yet'? Do flowers in spring say 'not yet'?" Norman Douglas
  • Shared by kmbhai on May 27, 2017

    Worth reading..
  • Shared by BlissForgive on May 27, 2017

  • Shared by BlissForgive on May 27, 2017

  • Shared by BlissForgive on May 27, 2017

  • Shared by leoladyc728 on May 27, 2017

    " Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls. The most massive characters are seared with scars." Khalil Gibran

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